The mystery of the human body

August 5, 2009

It’s a miracle that, such a complex structure works well!!
I’d like to be able to understand the mechanisms that make it work, so that, when it does not work well, one could do something to fix it. Here it is when health comes into place.
Health is the well-functioning of the human body, physiologically and psychologically speaking. And… healthcare is the art of keeping the body working well.

I like to contribute to healthcare in my professional life, by taking part in innovative and advanced ways (medical devices, software, imaging) to improve people’s quality of life and/or their chances of survival.
The aspect that also passionates me is the mystery, the complexity of the human body, so difficult to control… Each person is different and there are so many variables that play a role in keeping the whole together, that there is no off-the-shelf solution, it keeps being a constant challenge.


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