Advances in Imaging Informatics in Medicine according to the SIIM

June 15, 2010

The past SIIM has presented some of the challenges and advances in Imaging Informatics in Medicine. The increasing costs in healthcare are driving the developments of more efficient ways of dealing with imaging data.
One of the fields that have experienced a tremendous development is 3D and the thin-client software, now performing almost as well as thick-clients. Thin clients are also available on on low-end hardware such as iPads and laptops, as well as work better on networks with low bandwidth and high latency. However, the workflow isn’t yet as efficient as it should be, especially in communication with RIS and PACS.
Another huge improvement comes from structured reporting format, although not yet fully integrated with RIS and PACS.
Storage is one of the challenges of digital imaging in Medicine. Cloud computing, which employs Internet-based servers for processing, storage, and secure transmission provides simple and secure cross-enterprise communication at low costs. Being internet-based, it supports multiple platforms, remote access, etc.
Digital Radiography has also experienced a lot of development in the recent years. Flat-panel digital detectors, digital tomosynthesis and CT conebeam acquisition used in interventional radiology, are just some examples. Point-of-service DR imaging is also possible, with image acquisition, processing, and display performed bedside or in the operating room. Hanging protocols will be the key to increase efficiency.

Nevertheless, a reporting-centric workflow is not yet available. Many pieces of the puzzle are already in place, but the multimedia imaging report, which uses all available data and media to create and distribute imaging information is not there yet.


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