Radiation-blocking underwear…

September 13, 2010

Airport X-ray scanners is the latest security measure that you have to go through before boarding a plane in the US. But, how safe are they? A lot to discuss about it… So far, you still got the option of getting a pat down. So no need to worry too much, right? Well, if you belong to those that think that soon there’ll be x-ray scanners everywhere, from schools to museums, etc., a company (Rocky Flats Gear) seems to have found the solution for you: ‘radiation-blocking’ underwear.
This all sounds very nice, but what happens with the rest of the body, doesn’t it get affected by radiation? Soon, we’ll have to be walking around on ‘radiation-blocking’ clothes. And the head? use an astronaut-like mask? How far can we go with those ”prevention” measures?


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