I was born in Seville, Andalusia, Spain. From my father, baker at the time, and farmer later on, I’ve learned that, when there is a will, there is a way. From my mother, a multi-task person, always with a smile in her face, I’ve learned that you have to see the positive side of everything, especially in difficult times: try to enjoy every single moment of your life.
With my two wonderful brothers, I’ve learned the meaning of sharing, having fun and fight. You need to be a fighter when you have two older brothers!!

I lived in a small town and very soon I realized that I was too curious, too eager to discover new things, to stay there, as many of my friends did. I wanted to explore the world, so I made up my mind to work hard in my studies. This would open the doors to the outside world, and it did. As a teenager, I got two consecutive grants for summer courses in England.
This path continued through University. I enrolled in the Engineering Faculty (Telecommunications). This gave me a very analytical mind, able to quickly learn and adapt to different environments.
My graduation project brought me to the world of Medical Imaging, and with it, my passion for Health, the human body, technology began. During that time I was a partial-time teacher for teenagers.
After graduating with Honors, it was time to go abroad. A Marie Curie grant helped me get started in the Netherlands, where I got a PHD CUM LAUDE in Medical Image Processing, from the University of Leiden, Faculty of Medicine.
During those four years I visited key opinion leaders, and top university hospitals, and enjoyed learning more and more of the intricacies of the human body, healthcare and imaging.
After those four years, I wanted to be more involved with the applicability of science, the tangible part, so I started to work as a Product Manager for a company that commercializes software for quantification of medical images. There I’ve learned the secrets of marketing, listened to customers, and, my knowledge on different aspects of Healthcare, Cardiovascular and Brain Imaging has been enriched. After that, I worked as Clinical Education Specialist teaching Radiologists and Radiographers the intricacies of MRI and its use in clinical practice, which gave me a thorough understanding of clinical routine. My next challenge was working as a Product Marketing Manager for Medical Devices for Brachytherapy (internal Radiotherapy). Currently I am a Relationships Manager at the World Economic Forum in the department of Global Health.


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