Open or Wide Bore MR?

May 25, 2011

That’s the question researchers from Germany try to answer in the CLAUSTRO trial (start Feb 2011). According to the authors: “The goal is to analyze the rate of claustrophobic reactions and clinical utility of an open MR scanner in a randomized comparison with a recently designed short-bore but closed scanner with 97% noise reduction. This trial will be the first to appraise the potential for claustrophobia reduction and clinical relevance of open MR scanners in claustrophobic patients with a clinical indication for MR imaging. Furthermore, this trial will analyze and compare the cost-effectiveness of the two MR scanners, which is important in view of the enormous annual loss of healthcare productivity due to claustrophobia during MR imaging. Also, patient preferences and image quality will be analyzed. Thus, this randomized trial may have the potential to influence both the clinical and economical utilization of MR imaging.”
This is a very interesting trial that will yield a comparison between the two systems from a patient point of view, which is very important. The success of a good MR scan depends a lot on how comfortable the patient feels, given the fact that he/she has to lie still for quite some time.
For more information, please refer to: Reduction of claustrophobia during magnetic resonance imaging: methods and design of the “CLAUSTRO” randomized controlled trial